A Light & Sound Installation curated by Kate Beaugié at The Grand in Folkestone in May 2022

Image by Kate Beaugié & poster by Hanna Muck

The Sacconi Quartet 2021/22 artist in residence Kate Beaugié curated the event BEETHOVEN ON THE BEACH which featured the SACCONI QUARTET playing Beethoven’s String Quartet in C# Minor Op.131 on Folkestone’s Sunny Sands beach, October 2021.

She asked a group of local creatives to document the event…

BEETHOVEN ON THE BEACH | Revisited a Light & Sound Installation curated at The Grand in Folkestone in May 2022 featured the results of these documentations.

Go to the SOUND FOLKESTONE website to read about the contributors and their contributions:

Mick Williamson, Matt Rowe, Nathan Eaton-Baudains, Ewan Golder, Andy Thomas-Emans, Hanna Muck, Lennox Morrison and Dave James Horn.

A selection of images taken by Henry Uniacke during the Thursday evening event

TEMPO ADAGIO An Artist film by Kate Beaugié & Ewan Golder © 2022

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