TEMPO ADAGIO by Kate Beaugié & Ewan Golder

A 16mm music film by Ewan Golder & Kate Beaugié

Music: LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN’s String Quartet no. 14 in C♯ minor, Opus 131 | Movement 1: Adagio ma non troppo e molto espressivo

Filmed in 2021, using 16mm film on Sunny Sands beach, Folkestone, Kent, UK, during Kate Beaugié’s artist’s residency with the Sacconi Quartet.
Exhibited in the event BEETHOVEN ON THE BEACH and BEETHOVEN ON THE BEACH | REVISITED @ The Grand, where the film was shown as an installation on the stage in The Ballroom.

16mm film footage by Kate Beaugié
Sound recorded and mixed by Andy Thomas-Emans
Film edited by Ewan Golder



A 16mm film using Schubert’s “Die Winterreise” piece “Der Leiermann” (the hurdy gurdy man) as a starting point, I have used black and white and colour 16mm film taken in 2011 in Folkestone, Kent, UK to construct a piece about mid winter, about beginnings and about endings.

Sung by Robert Tear, Philip Ledger on piano 1992

Made on 31st December 2021


APPLIED PURE by Ewan Golder

A six minute artist’s documentary film made by Ewan Golder, about the immersive music, water and light event APPLIED PURE, held in the lecture theatre L2 of the Andrew Wiles Building, the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford on 18th November 2019.

Featuring Medea Bindewald playing JS Bach’s ‘Allemanda from Partita VI in E Minor BWV 830’ on the harpsichord and Joseph Black sculpting the water and making patterns during the performance.

The project was curated and created by Kate Beaugié in response to being invited to exhibit at the Mathematical Institute, by the MI arts consultant, mathematics lecturer and subsequent co-curator Balázs Szendrői.

The artworks featured are photograms (photographic shadows of water and objects) digitised and enlarged, and printed and face mounted with perspex. The works were made by Kate Beaugié and were described by Martin Kemp, the leading authority and art writer on Leonardo Da Vinci, as “Delicious”.


RIVER SONG by Matt Appleby

A short documentary film about the twilight music & light event “River Song”, curated by Kate Beaugié

A swan (Louise Hughes) leads us down the pristine River Dour past a cellist playing Bach, to the River Garage Studios, where an art exhibition of photograms awaits along with a concert of classical music, brought into a new dimension by an analogue, interactive water and light installation.

Harp – Rachel Hamilton
Cello – Mike Bacon

At Kearsney Abbey & River Garage Studio 13.10.18

Followed by VoxPops – feedback form various audience members.

Film footage by Peter Blach, Klip Films
Film editing by Matt Appleby
Photographic stills by Gabor Stark

Made possible by being invited by Dover Arts Development (DAD) to be an artist-in-residence in the project “Art in the Park | Kearsney Interpreted” commissioned by Dover District Council and
curated by DAD. Funded by Arts Council England & Heritage Lottery Fund


The Haiku Film Series : A set of five silent films. The films are all 17 seconds long, replacing the seventeen syllables that define a haiku poem.

HAIKU NO. 1 | SMOKE by Kate Beaugié

SMOKE was made with 16mm film

HAIKU NO. 2 | RAINDROPS by Kate Beaugié

Raindrops is a digital film.

HAIKU NO. 3 | CLOUDS by Kate Beaugié

CLOUDS is a time-lapsed 16mm film.


WINTER RIVER is a digital film.

HAIKU NO. 5 | SEA by Kate Beaugié

SEA is a 16mm film.

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