gathering | souls @ All Souls Church

A light installation; part of the Cheriton Light Festival, Folkestone, Kent.

Seven gold leafed and gessoed (reclaimed) wood cubes were placed around All Souls Church and were lit only by candlelight. They were angled to face the setting sun at 256º for the specific dates of the light festival, the 24 & 25th February 2018.

Each cube was different in size and character and 3 types of gold were used; Moon gold 21.8ct, Latin gold 22ct and Medium deep gold at 23½ct.

Each cube contained a sealed and secret message to a recently deceased loved one.

The work was referencing the guilded icons found in the church and the methods used to produce the piece would have been very similar to those used during the renaissance.

Gold was used to gather all available light and create more shine, via the natural phenomena of refraction.

The piece could be described as an ancient light installation.


IMG_0167Photograph by Nathan Eaton-Baudains



DSCF0448 (1)Photograph by Kate Beaugié



DSCF0456 (1)Photograph by Kate Beaugié



DSCF0464 (1)Photograph by Kate Beaugié



DSCF0533Photograph by Kate Beaugié



DSCF0498Photograph by Kate Beaugié




DSCF0526Photograph by Kate Beaugié



DSCF0548Photograph by Kate Beaugié



IMG_0164Photograph by Nathan Eaton-Baudains





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