black light | white light

B L A C K   L I G H T   |   W H I T E   L I G H T
A window exhibition for the autumn equinox = equal night

Space Gallery, Folkestone, Kent UK 18.09.20 – 07.10.20

The exhibition is about existence, defined by casting a shadow.

Shadow of a gold cube | # it is 2018, unique photogram, mounted on to aluminium and framed to museum quality, £1200
Shadow of a gold cube | # it is | inverted 2018, series of 4 unique contact prints, taken from photogram (above),
£450 unmounted/ framed
£200 unmounted/ unframed

The images on the wall are made from using light sensitive photographic paper in the dark room and flashing a light over the paper, with a gold cube on the paper (see image below).

flash image of making the photogram Shadow of a gold cube | # it is

Where the light hits the surface, it turns black (due to oxidisation process of the silver in the silver gelatin surface), and casts an inverted shadow image, hence the title black light | white light.

photogram during the wash process of development, in Dover Darkroom

Kate has been inspired by the celestial spheres and the natural phenomena of sunlight and shade since experiencing an epiphany on a plane in 1997 whilst studying sculpture at Glasgow School of Art.

Space Seven Gallery exhibition view with morning sunlight

Kate manipulates light; she inverts, reflects, diffuses and enhances it using various mediums including water, burnt wood, photograms, gold leaf and paint in order to transfer the reality and awe of natural phenomena.

Long shadow of gold cube | summer triptych, 2018
Unique photogram on Ilford resin based silver gelatin photographic paper, mounted onto aluminium

Her work is influenced by Ellesworth Kelly, Hiroshi Sugimoto and James Turrell to name a few and she is inspired by Japanese culture and aesthetics, Taoist philosophy and nature.

gold cube no. 5 (largest) 2018 gold leaf and gesso on reclaimed timber £240 (Gold cube no. 1 (smallest) £450 and Gold Cube no. 5 (medium) is £200)

Kate came to Folkestone in 2007 for a Creative Foundation studio. Her studio is now in Dover, which is where Kate was born in 1975.

She has artworks in three British public art collections and she achieved Arts Council funding in 2019 to develop her Music and Light symbiotic experiences; combining water & light installation with Early music and sound. The artworks will be for sale.

Space Seven Gallery exhibition view with morning sunlight

Artists comments: The equinox is the time when the sun is above the equator, meaning there is equal daylight to nighttime. I see it as a time of balance. It is the important time of a solar structure that as mammals, we either subconsciously or consciously are aware of entering the darker days of the year.

The light from the midday sun falls at an angle similar to the images above. The shadows become longer as the sun becomes lower in the winter time.

Any sale enquiries please contact kate via the contact form, or go to:

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