Smoke | 16mm film

Smoke | Extinguish 2010, 16mm film of extinguished candle

This is the first in a series of five haiku films, that were created whilst studying MA fine art at University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury under the guidance of Nicky Hamlyn. The idea was to create a visual haiku, using 17 seconds, instead of 17 syllables. Essentially, like Japanese haiku’s, their aim is to evoke the natural world.

This film was later used in AIRM (Art in the Romney Marsh) in All Saints Church, Lydd, Kent.
Curated by Jonathan Wright in September 2011, the film was used to indicate the north, death, and winter.

The film was also shown as part of the Every Second Counts films festival run by Strange Love; time based media festival 2018 in The Photographers Gallery, London.

I am revisiting this piece as I am developing a project to use the 16mm format once again in the production of music videos, or music films in this case.

See future projects section for more details on the music film project coming soon…

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