APPLIED PURE the documentary short film by EWAN GOLDER

APPLIED PURE at the MI | Music & Light Symbiosis no. 3

Documentary film by Ewan Golder

Back in 2019; the golden days of concerts and gatherings, we were so lucky to gather together at the Mathematical Institute (MI) in Oxford for a stunning concert of harpsichord music played by the international musician, Medea Bindewald. The concert was accompanied by a live, immersive water and light installation curated by myself.

Medea and I met at Stour Music, the early music festival in Kent, when I was photographing her playing. We have developed a wonderful working relationship from there.
When I conceived the idea for the Music & Light Symbiotic event at the MI, I sensed the sound of the harpsichord to be perfect companion for the combination of water drops, light and mathematics.
I can’t really explain this, but hopefully this sensibility comes through the experience.

There was an exhibition of artworks; enlarged photograms, photographically recorded shadows of water and light phenomena, made for the Maths students and for all to muse over.
The artwork Drop | God, which featured in the show, is now in the permanent art collection of the MI.

Thank you to Balázs Szendröi; Maths Professor and art curator at the MI, to invite me to exhibit in the first place and for co-curating the event.
Thank you also to Nico Kos Earle for curating my work into SURFACE at JGM gallery, where Balázs first saw my work.
Ewan Golder is a unique creative individual that I’ve had the honour of developing various collaborative projects with for over 10 years.
He recently graduated from the post graduate programme of Le Fresnoy – studio National des Arts Contemporains.
I invited him to interpret the footage, to bring his own out of the box slant on the proceedings.

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