Beethoven on the Beach | Revisited

Image is a ‘still’ from the 16mm film made by Kate Beaugié and graphic design by Hanna Muck

E​ntry to the exhibition is free.​ No booking needed. The two events will have the same content.

The sound and light installation will feature work by Mick Williamson, Nathan Eaton-Baudains (Mistereb), Matt Rowe, Andy Thomas-Emans,​ ​Andi Elliot, Ewan Golder, Dave James Horn, Lennox Morrison and myself.
With graphic design work by Hanna Muck.

In October 2021, in Beethoven on the Beach, I placed the Sacconi Quartet on Sunny Sands​ in​ Folkestone and they played Beethoven Op. 131, as the tide rose and the Earth turned on its axis.
I invited local artist, sound engineer​, writer​ and poet friends to help me document this stunning performance and this exhibition will be some of our documentation​,​​ including a 16mm film I have made.​

The exhibition is in alignment to The Sacconi Festival 2022, held from ​Friday 20t​h – Sunday 22nd May, in Folkestone.

Please see here to see ​what’s happening ​and ​to ​book tickets for their concerts (including a first Sacconi Festival performance of ​’​The Lark Ascending​’​ ​by Vaughan Williams ​with the Royal College of Music Chamber Orchestra).
Please note, under 35 year olds can buy a ticket for just £10.

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