Music For A Later Time

Documentary film by Nathan Eaton-Baudains © mistereb 2022

In response to my residency event with the Sacconi Quartet, BEETHOVEN ON THE BEACH, Nathan Eaton-Baudains made this 13 minute documentary about the formation of the ideas behind the project. I’m so honoured and touched by this brilliant and succinct piece of film making.

Nathan’s accompanying writing:

The Sacconi Quartet invited local artist Kate Beaugié to collaborate with them during their October 2021 residency in Folkestone. Beaugié’s response was to transpose the traditional classical setting for one more attuned to nature and the elements – Sunny Sands beach. The Sacconi embraced the challenge, proposing Beethoven’s Opus 131 for the performance, an avant-garde piece that the composer himself declared to be ‘music for a later time’.

Attended by several hundred music-lovers, art-watchers and dog-walkers, Beethoven On The Beach was performed on Sunday 24th October 2021. It was captured using technology new and old; from 16mm cine and medium format photography through to Dolby Atmos audio. Beaugié herself took part in the performance, recording the movement of light and time passing through the mise en scène.

Fast forward to May 2022 and the gala opening of the Sacconi Festival at the Grand in Folkestone. The cycle was completed with ‘Beethoven On The Beach: Revisited’ – a multi-media manifestation of the film, photography, poetry and music captured at the Sunny Sands performance. ‘Music For A Later Time’ accompanied that show and now stands as a permanent record of that original recital.

Featuring the Sacconi Quartet (Ben Hancox, Hannah Dawson, Robin Ashwell, Cara Berridge), Kate Beaugié and photography by Mick Williamson and Matt Rowe. Original performance audio recorded by Andy Thomas-Emans. Filmed and edited by Nathan Eaton-Baudains © mistereb 2022

Thanks to Sounds Folkestone for their support, as well as to the friends, family, and supporters (and dog-walkers) who made that day so special.

Nathan Eaton-Baudains | May 2022

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